Saturday, February 23, 2008

Working hard and hardly working.

Today I accomplished a lot, but I don't know if it was the stuff I was meant to accomplish. Luckily, the fruits of my labor are more drawings, so whatev.

Here's some more faces. The only one I'm really thrilled with is the middle one, because she's actually pretty sexy :D. I was attempting "pinup face," and I think it worked pretty well. The top one is gross, but the bottom one is cute.

This came about because I found some drawings of Disney Princesses as pirates while wandering on Deviantart. Snow White is my least favorite princess but the one with my favorite design, so I had to draw her looking a lot more badass. I didn't intend to do anything more than add a little background stuff to this, but I ended up coloring (?) it. What's interesting is that despite the quick color job, I like it a lot, and it has a lot more contrast to it than I usually do when I'm not working monotone. I love contrast, but something about coloring in PS tends to make me err on the side of caution.

This is the Blue Beetle (II)! In celebration of Ted Kord's recent return to life, I decided to draw him the other day :D. I don't usually approve of the revolving door policy that superhero comics seem to have on the afterlife, but I ♥ Ted and I'm glad he's back. So, he's all blue and totally powerless, has the occasional weight problem and a heart condition, and his only defensive weapon is his gun that shoots really bright light. No joke. But he's also 10x better than Spiderman, and that's all that really matters. I was experimenting with space with the cropping of this one, and I generally like it.

This is my contribution to the crazy cat lady entry at the Animajor group blog :D. Mmm, classy!

And now I need to get back to working on that scene I'm supposed to finish for Monday. Or not. Possibly not. I already did one extra scene last week, plus both of these scenes are taking longer than I expected.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I approve of this system.

Haha! I made it to blog post #2! Here is most of the rest of the junk that I scanned or drew in Photoshop recently. I actually have been drawing a lot more since getting my internship. I think I'm spurred on by professional competition.

This is my Southwest phase:

She's supposed to be a cowgirl pinup, but it doesn't really help that I drew her in the corner of my sketchbook. (Thus there's a weird stripe where the rest of her leg might be otherwise.) I'm okay with this, but I think she could be better. Her face is a little weird, and I tweeked it in photoshop, but it's still not A+. I am proud that her jugs are not falling out of her top or about to knock her in the face as they tend to in pinup drawings.

Here's some cowboys. I assume they're gay. I started with the one on the left, and then he looked lonely, so I drew him a friend. The friend might have special interests in this boy, I think. I drew this sometime over winter break, so it sadly has nothing to do with Heath Ledger. (I enjoy drawing blue jeans.)

Other junk:

I was practicing expressions. This isn't a particular guy, I just figured it would be a good idea to try and stay with the same character. My personal favorites are the two faces at the bottom. I like to think they happened sequentially.

I started drawing this girl's head in Photoshop, then just kept going and sort of ended up somewhere. What is she doing? I don't know. She doesn't know.

Some hilarious chickens (?) from the animajor group blog. Mmm, delicious.

Monday, February 18, 2008

This is my sketch blog, dudes.

Welcome to my sketch blog! I started this because I need to get my smoe self out there and exposed or something, and apparently people do this using blogs. Here are some drawings. I didn't put them all up today, though. I figure by spacing them out, it seems like I draw and scan things a lot more often than I do. Which I don't.

This panda is adorable. (And delicious.)

This girl is also adorable. I don't know what I was aiming for here. I've been trying to develop a simpler style that might work for character designing or something, but I think I decided that isn't really how I roll.

I have issues with this picture, and most of those issues are with her boobs. They aren't up to my normal standards of boob drawing. They look really fakey, and I pride myself in knowing what boobs look like. (I have some.) I'll try harder in the future.

This is a mixed bag of deliciousness. I was bored at my internship and sketched some things in Photoshop. The dude with the head was done without reference, but I did have a reference for the back muscles of the dude sans head. I think this picture is lacking ass. I have a Chowder poster in my cubicle, so he's in there too. Looks happy enough.

That's my artwork for now. I'll put up more soon so this seems like a real sketch blog and not something I just inundate with pictures whenever I happen to scan things. (That's once a year.) For next time: faces, gay cowboys, and chickens. Not all at once.