Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some wonderful things.

Sorry for my long absence! I am exhausted. My mother used to let me take mental health days in high school because I'm such a high-stress kind of gal. I wish I could afford to take a mental health day lately. Spring break was about the lamest break I've ever taken, aside from the sleeping in part. That was nice.

I had to put together my portfolio this weekend for my Dreamworks application, so here's some goodies from that. I've been trying to just draw whatever lately just so I can shove it into my portfolio. It's a bit whoreish maybe. Most of these were probably drawn at Cartoon Network in my downtime.

I found the blog of the art director on Ben 10, and I was really impressed. He apparently does a lot of work for Marvel comics. Mostly I just loved the way he drew hair. It's very stylized like it's a sheet of fabric coming off of the person's head, and I sort of used the idea here. Gwen in the new Ben 10 series looks something like this, but I figured I would punch the design up a little more.

This is a page from my portfolio. It's a few "life" drawings I did at work based on poses from Posemaniacs. I think the one on the bottom right is a guy, but don't hold me to it. The top girl I drew to prove that I can draw boobs properly after my earlier naked-lady picture didn't really cut it. The effect is okay. I could do better. Mostly it was because we just watched Les Mepris in Int'l Cinema and I was impressed at how naturally beautiful Brigitte Bardot was and I wanted to sort of go for that feel.

A little art nouveau never hurt anyone. In late middle school/early high school, I was really big into turn-of-the-century advertisement art (still am, mostly). I drew a lot of draping cloth and flowers and flowing hair. I know art nouveau is really the style that people who don't know anything about art put on their walls, but I still think the Golden Age of illustration is my favorite. Dad got me hooked on Maxfield Parrish when I was a teenager and he's still my favorite artist ever. I think in general it was good to have that influence, because it gives me a bit more to work with than the more generic anime style my art morphed from. And I really like drawing cloth. A lot. Part of me still wants to be a 1920's advertisement artist when I grow up (and build a time machine).

And I have a lot more to post, but in the interest of keeping this interesting, I'll post more tomorrow or Tuesday :).

Monday, March 10, 2008

I need a better scanner.

These scans prove that my scanner is pretty sub-par, but what can you do? It gives everything a sort of 'antique' feel I suppose.

I realized that I haven't got any sort of 'environments' in my portfolio to speak of, so I drew one. Granted, this is from a picture because I can't visualize non-organic things very well. (I just had a very weird moment of deja vu, but that's neither here nor there.)

Some monsters on a page. The bottom one looks more Seussian up close. I'm partial to the chubby one in the top left, and that's why he's biggest. The eyeball monster weirds me out, personally.

Junk on a page. These are bits and pieces of things that never materialized into anything more. On the bottom you can see my weird from-memory rendering of JEM, which is truly truly truly outrageous. Then there's some more sort of man nudity, as always. I like the little boy. I was going for a young Marty McFly.