Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bababa ba ba ba, bababa ba ba bwaaaaooooow.

Damn, I realized that after putting together my portfolio, I never finished putting up the rest of the pictures from it! It's not like I have any time to draw lately anyway. Most of this was spastically put together last week for Dreamworks. I would've separated everything back into its original form again, but I didn't have time, so you'll just have to look at things like I have them arranged for my portfolio printouts.

I whored this picture all around Cartoon Network. But hey, if it gets me a job it'll be worth it! I had quite a few people impressed with me by the time I was finished handing out my fliers, and the people who came to my 'pitch' really enjoyed my thesis. It's too bad that I couldn't have shown them a more finished product, but I hit all the big scenes and one lady said she cried :D. Well, I shouldn't put a happy face there.

BAM. Dancing. I was looking for the fastest way to get something impressive looking into my portfolio, and I managed to get both of these out in the same day. The poses were referenced but not copied. It was a bitch to make up a belly dancing costume from scratch though. I had to look at a bunch of really tarted up white people trying to look exotic to get an idea that wasn't too gaudy.

Drawn in RT's unfortunately boring class. I figured I haven't drawn animals from memory in awhile, so it would be good practice to screw around with some designs.

Zoo animals. Zoonimals. That gorilla was not gonna move for nothing. The only animals I could draw standing up were the ones that didn't move that much :(.

I've been showing my artwork around the studio a bit, and my storyboard friend commented that I've got great form, but my pencils aren't confident. I'm sort of seeing what he's saying, but I'm trying to figure out if it's something I can change consciously or not. A lot of the problem is that I draw "cleaned up," but not on purpose. I plan to start out sketchy, honestly. But I get lazy and just draw over lines when I should erase them, or turn shapes into other shapes without erasing if I don't like something. A lot of my girls end up with really thick lines in their jaws because I tend to just draw over it until I find a shape that I like. Then it looks like they have beards or something, but I never change it *lol*. It's one of those things I'll have to pay some attention to when I get a chance to draw again :(.

I was reading an animation blog today, and I was sort of disappointed to find out that the guy designing (creating?) the series hadn't put any thought into his girl characters! He posted a girl who was really really stick thin and then said he just can't draw women :(. I feel like a freak in this industry sometimes. I represent a whole half of the population, and I'd like to think my half of the population has great abilities and ideas and talents just like the male half, but why are we not trusted more? It's not like women haven't been on the planet as long as men have. We aren't a mutant race. I'd like to think that we aren't as incomprehensible as we're made out to be. (And here I would point out that the 'complicated women' is by and large a media creation that only exacerbates the issue -- women have the capability to be simple and reasonable but aren't particularly encouraged to do so in any media meant to influence them.) Ah, my raging feminist is showing. (Rightfully.)

And I need to sleep now.