Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This may prove that I'm not all that zany.

This is a picture I started over the weekend. It's still a work in progress because I need to finish the background and maybe add some highlights and crap. I was going for something more design-y with the hair, and I think the effect is nice. Not my normal style but I like it. Hell, I'm just glad I managed to open Photoshop again.

Same dancer girl as before, but I scanned her hi-res and now I'm posting her alone. I didn't do a great job scanning her the first time. I started drawing this girl, and she looks very Chris Sanders-ish. She's a bit scribbly.
I'm trying to make some more cartoony stuff. Nickelodeon isn't really interested in my normal drawing style, so I'm seeing where I can go that's a bit more zany. I'm not very zany. This girl was going to be a pirate, but I may have petered off on that idea.

Some more weird faces. This is a weird style for me to work in at all O_O.

She's cute :D. Just another scribble.

A girl jammin' on a poorly rendered guitar. Never mind that guitar straps don't work that way.