Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back with vengeance.

I am sitting here at work, which is the USC computer labs for now, and I have nothing to do. And I thought to myself, "Self, you have a whole flash drive of crap you've never posted here." And then I thought that I was very correct in this, and should probably post something. So here's some somethings. Most of this was put together for my submission to Disney's internship program, so we'll see how that goes.

Character designs from my senior thesis, though I did these a few weeks ago. Some of her poses could be better, but I was tired and that's my excuse. At least her face looks pretty good over all.
This girl gets a bit more attention than she should, considering I have no background for her and she doesn't even have a name, but I like her well enough. I enjoy drawing her ponytail mostly. I've gone a few different (and subtle) directions with her design, but I like playing around with it. And drawing boots. Boots are great.

Mel, from my senior thesis. He takes a long time to get back into drawing again. These were done the same time as Ella in the first drawing, and also fairly late at night. He spends most of the film chewing, as reflected here. In the standing pose, his arms are way long, and I'm not sure how I missed that. Looks okay, though.
Some composition nonsense, and little stagings for character interaction. I re-storyboarded a small chunk of my film for my portfolio, so I'll try and put that up eventually. The backgrounds are from my film, but they're almost a year old at this point 0_0.

AAAAAaaaand a hippo. He looks so damn pleased with himself.

I'm also going to update my blog links (finally) to link all the people I like/know/like and know, so if I leave anyone out, please comment!

Right now I'm working on some character designs and stuff for a comic I'm planning, so hopefully I can post some of those soon. Only a few of my characters are fleshed out right now, most don't have names, and one literally doesn't even have a gender. I got as far as knowing I wanted one more character, but that's about it. Even still, I have five now, and that's really the magic number, so I'll probably keep it there.