Saturday, April 18, 2009

The morbidly obese and physical fitness.

So, I've been finishing up my portfolio at light speed to send off to various studios, so here's some more recent work that I shoved in there. I only really do anything out of my comfort zone when I'm working towards varying my portfolio for job prospects.

Here's some poses from some capoeira videos I was watching. It's a good study just because no one is usually wearing too much and the poses are always dynamic as hell. I was aiming for gesture drawings, because I have a hard time breaking things down to simple gestures.

Here's a morbidly obese man based on the picture of the guy I saw at the Memphis airport. He didn't look right the first time, so I drew him again! I like his uneven fat rolls under his tshirt as well as his despondent expression :D.

Sorry, nothing too exciting today!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More graphic novel planning.


Here is another main character. She has no name yet, and no superhero identity yet either. She's kind of a shell right now, though I've got back story and personality lined up for her.

Preliminary color design. I want her outfit to be kind of bright and garish, but can't decide if I want to take it this far. Color is not my strong suit! I will probably tone it down a good deal.

Early designs for her head. I wanted her hair to be more flowy and movie-starish. She looks too young, so I scrapped that idea.
This is her general costume design so far. I wanted to keep it somewhat like Lillie's, but more traditionally superhero. Ignore her scary face. I wanted to break up the suit a little, so I put a target looking thing on it. I kind of dig it.

Lillie's head drawn while eating dinner at school, thus the note about someone eating with their mouth open. Check mark indicates that I liked the face, slash indicates the opposite.

Her earlier design, with a complicated belt and ponytail.
Same idea, with a stiffer pose.
I think her skirt thing is shorter now, but this is the general final design I will probably go with.
My speedster, Charlie. The grade's indicate how much it looks like what I want him to look like. I hate profiles.

Eine Kleine Life Drawing

I've been trying to beef up my portfolio lately, and what that boils down to is studying and rendering things more often. (Though my default is always sketches without shading.)

I don't know what that beast thing is, I just made him on the fly. I referenced poses from Hellboy (though I didn't copy) to study action and dynamism. The two poses on the right are referenced from an old anatomy book from the 50's.

I should disclose that these are drawn from There's no way a real model could hold the top pose. The bottom guy's legs are way too beefy.

I was practicing capturing poses, so I shuffled through Flickr and found photos of people jumping and did quick gestures based on them. Once again, useful for creating more dynamic poses. I like the guy on the bottom a lot.

These were done while sitting and eating dinner at school. The guy with the dreads came to ask me what I was drawing O_O. I didn't want to tell him I was drawing him. There was also a girl wandering everywhere talking on her phone, so I drew her a lot.

On these next few, take notice that I draw the parts I like, and generally ignore the head, feet, and legs. Oh well!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Some oldish stuff

So, I haven't posted in awhile. Here's some things from a comic I'm sort of working on developing kind of maybe. I've working on this concept for about 5 to 6 months now, about a girl who lands a (crappy) secretary job, only to find out she's been hired by a corporation that's a facade for a superhero team...a crappy one with a bad reputation, which through various means she helps repair. Or something.

Here's some preliminary designs for the main character. Her former name was Alice, but now I'm liking Lillie.

A long haired incarnation, which I like but looks too young:

Here's some various people who could've been Lillie, but the one in the middle with the headband is closest to her current incarnation:
Here's her head again, and a doodle of a guy from an advertisement in the Memphis airport:
This is an early incarnation of her uniform. I did away with the belt, changed the sleeves to be dark, and changed the boots. (Too Evangelion).
A different take on the same idea. The boots look more or less like this in their current version.
Tonight, I'll scan some other designs I have with me and try and put them up at some point. I mostly just wanted to show how I go about designing characters. (Ah! My favorite part :D.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I drew this picture.

I lost my flash drive! It had all of my latest artwork on it :(. (And I can only imagine quite a few other things that I don't want to think about having lost.) Granted, I only lost it in the last few days, but I have the sinking feeling I threw it away. Sigh...well, at least the labs have a nicer scanner than I have at home.

So, for artwork I offer this sketch from the Drawing Club in Glendale from last Thursday. This was photographed, so I pulled it off of their blog :). I usually draw until I get to about the hips, and then the pose always changes on me. I get too distracted.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stuff from my sketchbook

So, today I'm posting the stuff I meant to post last month during my trip across the country. Woefully, I had so little internet access I didn't bother with posting at all. ALSO, I was enjoying my family's company and couldn't give a damn about my internet presence at the time.

As I was driving across the country this year (to Mississippi and New Mexico from LA), I made a drawing of me in a humorous car that I meant to post before leaving. And then I didn't.

These were both drawn during Thanksgiving, actually, while waiting in the Memphis airport for a ride to LA. The first is a very overweight man. Somewhere around the suitcase, I gave up, but that's okay because he obviously gave up on keeping his stomach fat encased in his shirt before I gave up on this drawing. The second is a half-asleep bald man being mystified by the technology on his cellphone.

I love Alan Tew. I like that he draws nothing but naked people in weird poses. I drew a naked person in a weird pose too! The anatomy in the clavicle's a bit screwy, but the legs are better than my usually attempts. Also, I was working out a character design on this page, but he looks like Scott Pilgrim with glasses instead :(. That said: sideburns yay.

Here is a suspicious meerkat.

Also, now I have a Twitter.