Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I drew this picture.

I lost my flash drive! It had all of my latest artwork on it :(. (And I can only imagine quite a few other things that I don't want to think about having lost.) Granted, I only lost it in the last few days, but I have the sinking feeling I threw it away. Sigh...well, at least the labs have a nicer scanner than I have at home.

So, for artwork I offer this sketch from the Drawing Club in Glendale from last Thursday. This was photographed, so I pulled it off of their blog :). I usually draw until I get to about the hips, and then the pose always changes on me. I get too distracted.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stuff from my sketchbook

So, today I'm posting the stuff I meant to post last month during my trip across the country. Woefully, I had so little internet access I didn't bother with posting at all. ALSO, I was enjoying my family's company and couldn't give a damn about my internet presence at the time.

As I was driving across the country this year (to Mississippi and New Mexico from LA), I made a drawing of me in a humorous car that I meant to post before leaving. And then I didn't.

These were both drawn during Thanksgiving, actually, while waiting in the Memphis airport for a ride to LA. The first is a very overweight man. Somewhere around the suitcase, I gave up, but that's okay because he obviously gave up on keeping his stomach fat encased in his shirt before I gave up on this drawing. The second is a half-asleep bald man being mystified by the technology on his cellphone.

I love Alan Tew. I like that he draws nothing but naked people in weird poses. I drew a naked person in a weird pose too! The anatomy in the clavicle's a bit screwy, but the legs are better than my usually attempts. Also, I was working out a character design on this page, but he looks like Scott Pilgrim with glasses instead :(. That said: sideburns yay.

Here is a suspicious meerkat.

Also, now I have a Twitter.