Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eine Kleine Life Drawing

I've been trying to beef up my portfolio lately, and what that boils down to is studying and rendering things more often. (Though my default is always sketches without shading.)

I don't know what that beast thing is, I just made him on the fly. I referenced poses from Hellboy (though I didn't copy) to study action and dynamism. The two poses on the right are referenced from an old anatomy book from the 50's.

I should disclose that these are drawn from There's no way a real model could hold the top pose. The bottom guy's legs are way too beefy.

I was practicing capturing poses, so I shuffled through Flickr and found photos of people jumping and did quick gestures based on them. Once again, useful for creating more dynamic poses. I like the guy on the bottom a lot.

These were done while sitting and eating dinner at school. The guy with the dreads came to ask me what I was drawing O_O. I didn't want to tell him I was drawing him. There was also a girl wandering everywhere talking on her phone, so I drew her a lot.

On these next few, take notice that I draw the parts I like, and generally ignore the head, feet, and legs. Oh well!

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Victor said...

I like the top left of your Flickr drawings the best, and knock it off ignoring anatomy just because it's hard!