Thursday, March 26, 2009

More graphic novel planning.


Here is another main character. She has no name yet, and no superhero identity yet either. She's kind of a shell right now, though I've got back story and personality lined up for her.

Preliminary color design. I want her outfit to be kind of bright and garish, but can't decide if I want to take it this far. Color is not my strong suit! I will probably tone it down a good deal.

Early designs for her head. I wanted her hair to be more flowy and movie-starish. She looks too young, so I scrapped that idea.
This is her general costume design so far. I wanted to keep it somewhat like Lillie's, but more traditionally superhero. Ignore her scary face. I wanted to break up the suit a little, so I put a target looking thing on it. I kind of dig it.

Lillie's head drawn while eating dinner at school, thus the note about someone eating with their mouth open. Check mark indicates that I liked the face, slash indicates the opposite.

Her earlier design, with a complicated belt and ponytail.
Same idea, with a stiffer pose.
I think her skirt thing is shorter now, but this is the general final design I will probably go with.
My speedster, Charlie. The grade's indicate how much it looks like what I want him to look like. I hate profiles.

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Stephanie R. said...

your anatomy and poses are very good. can't wait to see the finished product!