Saturday, April 18, 2009

The morbidly obese and physical fitness.

So, I've been finishing up my portfolio at light speed to send off to various studios, so here's some more recent work that I shoved in there. I only really do anything out of my comfort zone when I'm working towards varying my portfolio for job prospects.

Here's some poses from some capoeira videos I was watching. It's a good study just because no one is usually wearing too much and the poses are always dynamic as hell. I was aiming for gesture drawings, because I have a hard time breaking things down to simple gestures.

Here's a morbidly obese man based on the picture of the guy I saw at the Memphis airport. He didn't look right the first time, so I drew him again! I like his uneven fat rolls under his tshirt as well as his despondent expression :D.

Sorry, nothing too exciting today!